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Pre-approval with Carolina Ventures includes:
1. Review of tri-merge credit report
2. Review of income documentation        
Salaried: Paychecks & W-2       
Self-employed: Federal Tax returns       
Debt to income calculation
​3. Review of cash to close
4. Confirmation of 2 year work history 
5. Automated underwriting approval

Carolina Ventures Pre-approvals are thorough. Clients are provided with a comprehensive review of mortgage options, closing costs & an overview of
​the home buying process. Our letters are stronger given the detail of a pre-approval. This can put you ahead of other buyers in a competitive offer situation!

A pre-approval arms you with information on what programs and options are available to you. It also enables Carolina Ventures to issue you a pre-approval letter to include with your offer to purchase. A pre-approval demonstrates to the seller that you are a serious buyer and qualified to obtain financing.

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